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How to Do Product Research Before Import from China ? –How to find the best sculpture supplier?

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Recently updated on April 19th, 2023 at 05:46 pm

Why do product research?

More and more people want to import sculpture art from China, but they are always worried about language barriers, complicated international trade processes, the authenticity of suppliers, and product quality. So, you need to choose the supplier wisely and consider the under-given critical factors while selecting a Chinese supplier.

#1 How to choose the best sculpture supplier?

After checking a supplier’s background, you’ll usually find a handful of suppliers with great profiles. So the question is, how do you pick the best option? The following points are guidelines for your selection of suppliers.

1.1 Low prices are often for a reason

You can not simply choose any supplier that offers the lowest price.

Note why the invitation price is much lower than others. First, it could be that their production quality is below average because they use thinner stainless steel, low copper content, low-grade marble, etc.

Second, the size and design of the actual product may not match what you have chosen and cannot be identified from the pictures alone.

Third, other customers may have returned or damaged sculptures rather than quality products. Once such a supplier is not reputable, you will not get a good after-sales service.

So when you compare prices from different suppliers, try to figure out why they are so different (high quality or low price) and figure out if you can live with those reasons and be willing to pay for it.

1.2 Assess professional level and product quality

The quality of the sculpture is an important factor in your comparison between suppliers. So try to ask for samples when you close a deal with a supplier. You can also visit the factory to check the quality of the goods.

If you are satisfied with the supplier’s quotation, please request a sample or model to evaluate whether they can produce a high-quality product. Of course, you need to pay for samples and shipping.

In addition, we recommend that you find a trusted person in China to go to the factory to check the scale and production status. This person can be your friend or an agent.

1.3 Large scale, good reputation, guaranteed construction period

We have always believed that a professional sculpture supplier can make your import smoother. For example, if you need to keep repeating your requirements, but you still find that the product ends up not being made according to your requirements. So you have to spend a lot of energy arguing with them or getting a refund, which is a hassle.

Therefore, try to choose a sculpture supplier with a large scale and a good reputation in the industry. As a leader in the Chinese sculpture market, they generally have good professional quality and rich experience. Such suppliers can provide the best solution, save your energy and time, and bring unexpected results.

Finally, try to choose a supplier with strong productivity, so as to better ensure that your sculpture can be shipped and delivered on time.

#2 Purchase Notice

You can find a suitable Chinese sculpture wholesaler by following these instructions:

Search using keywords:

When searching for Chinese sculpture wholesalers on Google or Bing, try to search for product-related names + keywords (sculpture/statue), or you can add keywords such as wholesale, manufacturer, supplier, for sale, etc.

Trading Platform Recommendations:

You can find sculpture wholesalers on various websites like eBay, AliExpress, DHgate, Global Source, Made In China, etc. Since most of eBay’s sculpture products are conventional small-sized sculptures, they are usually suitable for retail customers who order in bulk.

Social media and online communication:

Many social media and online newsletters will help you even more. Many Chinese suppliers have their own accounts on international social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin and Tiktok. You can do a search and contact them online for a consultation.

Additionally, blogs and online newsletters can be helpful as well.

Canton Fair

One of the topmost methods to find your Chinese wholesale supplier is to visit Canton Fair.
Since 1957, the Canton Fair has been one of the best trade shows.

It usually happens twice a year, in late May and November. Don’t Miss This Year’s Trends
In addition, participating in the online Canton Fair is free.

Visitors and buyers can access the online exhibition platform through the official website of the Canton Fair.

2.2 Product price research (determination of budget)

When you find some sculptures that interest you and want to research the wholesale prices of these products from manufacturers in China, the most direct way is to search for the products on Alibaba.

One thing to note, sculpture as a work of art is highly customizable. Therefore, the price of the product is only a reference for the sculpture style and size marked by the merchant.

Of course, if you want to buy a lot of regular sculptures, the price may be 10% or 20% lower than the price shown on the page.

But on Alibaba, the prices of many products are unbelievably low, which is not a criterion for judgment. They set such a low price just to get your inquiry.

2.3 Research on transportation scheme

If you have a trusted freight forwarder who can help you ship products from Chinese suppliers to your country, then you don’t need to worry about this. But if you don’t, then you’re not only comparing product prices, but also the logistics costs and shipping options offered by suppliers.

Some suppliers offer very low product prices to attract buyers, but add more leverage to the shipping cost of the order. Also, if the supplier is inexperienced with shipping goods in your area, they will get a higher shipping quote from the forwarder. This can add to your overall cost, even if it wasn’t the supplier’s intent.

Therefore, it is important for you to compare the total cost of all suppliers by combining product cost and shipping cost.

2.4 Import Qualification Research

In addition, you need to know if you have the relevant product import and sales qualifications.

First, you should know if there are some compliance certificates for importing certain products.

Except for the certificates, you also need to know whether there are additional requests for importing. While a small number of relevant certificates may not be checked by customs, you still need to do your research and have relevant certificates ready in case your product is Customs detained.

In the end, the most convenient way is to consult a freight forwarder who can help you, or you can ask the supplier directly.

#3 Differences between North and South China’s sculpture suppliers:

3.1 Marble Sculpture

The difference between marble sculptures in north and south China:

The four hometowns of sculpture in China are Quyang in Hebei Province, Hui’an in Fujian Province, Qingtian in Zhejiang Province and Wenling in Zhejiang Province.

In general, the carving process in the north is relatively concise, the layout is sparse, simple and generous, and the decoration is strong. The southern carving craftsmanship is slender, and the sculpture works are rich in layers. Take the marble Chinese lion sculpture as an example, you can see the obvious difference between the carving art of the north and the south.

3.2 Bronze sculpture

Bronze figure sculpture suppliers are relatively concentrated in Tang County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. This is known as the hometown of sculpture in China. Basically, every household is engaged in the design and casting of figure sculpture, which is very famous in China.

In addition, other copper sculpture suppliers around the world also have their own characteristics. Copper sculpture production centers centered on Thailand and Vietnam have begun to rise this year. These suppliers are characterized by rapid production in batches. But the bronze sculptures they provide are usually of common styles on the market and ignore the details of the sculptures.

Most of the bronze sculpture suppliers in China mainly focus on traditional bronze sculpture casting, which can better meet the customized needs and high-quality requirements of customers.

3.3 Stainless Steel Sculpture

Unlike marble sculpture and bronze sculpture, stainless steel sculpture has a short history of development in China. Stainless steel sculptures are often reflected in the decoration of cities as well as commercial spaces. With the rapid development of cities in southern China, the demand for stainless steel sculpture artworks is gradually increasing.

Therefore, stainless steel sculpture suppliers in the south are blooming everywhere, and the main features are large stainless steel sculptures and finely carved products. In contrast, northern stainless steel sculpture suppliers specialize in abstract and simpler-designed sculpture types. This is closely related to the rise and development of cities and the distribution of the stainless steel market.

3.4 Resin Sculptures

Judging from the north-south differences between marble and bronze sculptures, it is not difficult to see that northern sculpture suppliers are better at carving craftsmanship, especially lifelike sculptures.

Southern suppliers, on the other hand, focus more on expressive modern designs and strong color contrasts.

Resin sculpture is also one of the categories that southern suppliers are good at. You can see all kinds of exquisite quality sculptures on campus, in shopping malls, and in parks.

3.5 Ceramics North and South Kilns

Learn about the differences in glazes across kiln sites

Ceramics were made all over China and the kilns in the north and south produced different types of wares and glazes.

During the Song dynasty (960-1279), for example, beautiful celadon-glazed ceramics were produced in the Longquan area of ​​southwest Zhejiang province, and also by the Yaozhou kilns in the northern Shaanxi province.
The celadon glazes differed between these two kilns, with the Longquan glaze often giving a warmer, bluish-green tone, compared with the Yaozhou glazes which were more olive.


I hope these skills will help you find the best suppliers to make the sculptures you need. If you have any questions about today’s topic, please contact YouFine for more information.

We are the leading sculpture supplier in China, helping our customers to find the best manufacturer, making the whole sourcing process easier and safer. If you want to source products from China, please feel free to contact us.


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