modern metal abstract sculpture for sale

Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture for Sale

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.

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Modern Metal Abstract Sculpture for Sale



Hot Sale Abstract Sculpture Designs

YouFine’s stainless steel abstract sculptures have great creation. And these sculptures are mainly used in modern outdoor gardens, plazas, residences, and other public and private outdoor environments. When these sculptures are balanced with well-matched landscaping, these pieces can greatly impact open spaces. The works can be seductive, contemplative, or energetic. Abstract lines and artistic designs create stunningly beautiful vistas that play a role in public art and landscaping, harmonizing and contrasting buildings, landscapes and plants.

YouFine Metal Sculpture Clients Feedback

YouFine has produced metal abstract sculptures for clients in many countries and regions. From the inquiry to the sculpture finished, we devote many hearts. So the sculpture satisfies our clients. And we have many feedbacks from different countries and regions, and our clients are so satisfied with our sculptures that they send us feedback photos after the sculptures are successfully installed. There is a beautiful story behind every sculpture. You could also visit the sculpture installation place. Most of our clients are very friendly and would welcome other of our clients to visit.

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YouFine Metal Abstract Sculpture Copyright Design

In the YouFine factory, there are four metal abstract sculptures with copyright patents that are very popular with customers. The four sculptures symbolize “growth”, “harmony”, “unity” and “stars” respectively, each of which has a special meaning and a good expectation, bringing people not only a good visual experience but also a beautiful expectation. Therefore, we could also provide custom design for you. If you want to customize a metal sculpture, YouFine would also meet your needs. Our design team could create 3D drawings, CAD drawings, and other drawings for you for free. You could send us an email or just have a brief communication.


Most Popular Abstract Sculpture – “Growth” Feedback


Our “Growing” sculpture is the most popular sculpture, and we have much real feedback from our different clients. And our clients have installed them in many different scenarios, all the sculptures are very beautiful. We support customization in multiple sizes, colors, and finishes.



Newly Metal Sculpture Design

These are several of the latest modern abstract sculptures designed by YouFine’s team of designers in 2022.

YouFine Metal Abstract Sculpture Advantages

YouFine would use high grade stainless steel as raw materials, which are 100% anti-rust and have a high ability to resist the erosion of the outdoor natural environment.


During the production process, YouFine would strictly control the quality of every detail of the sculpture, whether it is modeling, cutting, forging, welding, or surface treatment, the highest standards are the norm.


So the stainless steel abstract sculptures of YouFine not only have a distinctive personality but also have high quality. The sculptures could survive in a very harsh environment, and also have a long service time. At the same time, the sculptures are also very convenient for cleaning and maintenance.


YouFine is online all year round to respond to your messages in a timely manner. If you want more information, please leave a message in the message box at the bottom. Our professional staff will get in touch with you shortly.