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Saint Jesus Statue

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.

big jesus statue for sale

Select the best Jesus sculptures from YouFine, our Holy Jesus statues include a selection of Jesus statues in dozens of different poses from large Sacred Heart Jesus statues to Shepherd Jesus statues. YouFine’s Jesus statue insists on choosing first-class raw materials, natural marble, and bronze with a copper content of more than 80%. We only use raw materials to make statues of Saint Jesus. So we can guarantee that our Jesus will match your expectations and be full of holiness.


Before there was a world, before there were planets, before there was light, before there was matter, there was Jesus. Coequal, coeternal, and coexistent with the Father and the Holy Spirit, Jesus was with God—and He was God. John 1:1–2 tells us, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was at the beginning with God.”


Therefore, Jesus is admired and sought after by believers. The image of Jesus appears in many artistic creations. Saint statues are also a very popular option. This is because the statue of Jesus can be like Jesus standing in front of people and become a carrier for people to pray and worship. This can provide people with a haven of inner peace.

Jesus Statue Hot Designs

We have the most comprehensive collection of Jesus statue designs. All Jesus statues are made from high-grade raw materials and are of one of the highest quality. Exquisite craftsmanship and very realistic statues could give you a good visual effect. We often work with churches and would provide statues of quality that many believers are stunned by. At the same time, we are factory direct sales, so at YouFine, you would get the most cost-effective Jesus sculpture.

There Are Also Some Bronze Jesus Statues that Are Popular with People

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Clients Feedback

We often cooperate with some churches and participate in the construction of many church projects. The detail and quality of our Jesus sculptures are what makes every one of our clients very satisfied. After receiving the sculpture, our clients would send us photos to tell us how satisfied they are with the Jesus sculpture.

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Production Advantages

Marble Jesus Statue

1. The artist who is responsible for carving the marble Jesus statue is a Catholic, and he would carve it purely by hand, which can ensure that every detail is exquisite and conforms to the characteristics of Jesus. Our artists have decades of experience carving Catholic saint statues.

2. A-grade natural marble as raw material can make the sculpture more vivid and the details can be well displayed. And there is also extremely high quality, not only can be installed indoors but also can be installed outdoors.

3. Abundant marble Jesus is available in stock for you to choose from, the price is good and you can receive it quickly.

Bronze Jesus Statue:

1. The clay models of the Jesus statue are rich in various styles. Choosing a design with a model can reduce the model fee.

2. Bronze is used as raw material, and a small number of other elements are added to make the hardness and fluidity of bronze suitable for sculpture production and could ensure the quality of the sculpture.

3. Lost wax method for casting, we have all the details you want, improve the process, our silica sol technology ensures that our sculptures would not produce white spots.

4. Patina the Color. The way of chemical coloring would make the color of our bronze Jesus statue not only natural but also not fade, and the sculpture would become more and more charming with time.

Bronze Jesus Statue with Open Hands (2)
Bronze Jesus Statue with Open Hands (3)
Bronze Jesus Statue with Open Hands (1)
Bronze Sacred Heart of Jesus with Red and Golden Color
Bronze Jesus Statue on the Cross
Bronze Jesus Statue we made before
YouFine Bronze Jesus statue Clay Model (3)
YouFine Bronze Jesus statue Clay Model (2)
YouFine Bronze Jesus statue Clay Model (1)