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Modern Stainless Steel Water Feature Fountain for Sale

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.

YouFine stainless steel sculpture

Metal Water Feature Fountain

YouFine Metal Water Fountain Designs


As a stainless steel sculpture production factory, YouFine could offer hundreds of styles and custom sizes. In our factory, there are regular fountains with simple designs, as well as fountains with sophisticated designs. No matter what style of stainless steel fountain you like, we would give you the most suitable options. We also have a professional design team to help you choose the most affordable and matching decorative fountain.


YouFine Finished Work Show


This is the finished case shown from the YouFine factory, we used to make many stainless steel fountains for our customers. Here are our metal water fountain feedback and factory photos from our customers. And we would take videos and photos for you during the fountain-making process. After our fountain is completed, we would first conduct trial installation and water testing in the factory to test the quality and water flow effect of the fountain.


Support Fountain Customization

YouFine has a professional stainless steel fountain design team, so we not only have a wealth of stainless steel fountain designs for you to choose from, but also we could provide you with a variety of customized services. You could customize the size and color of the fountain according to your needs, and you can also change the design of the sculpture according to your needs. Our professional designers would design 3D drawings, CAD drawings, and some other drawings for you. Use the 3D technique to show a different kind of sculpture charm, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of sculpture in different environments in advance. There are some stainless steel water feature 3D drawing of the 2022 newly design from YouFine designer.

Factory Wholesale Price

YouFine art sculptures are factory direct and our fountains will be sold at very competitive factory wholesale prices. We are committed to creating affordable art sculptures and bringing the beauty of sculpture into every home. Contact us for the latest quotes and offers.

Metal Water Fountain Leading Factory

YouFine was established in 1983, focusing on garden artwork sculpture for 39 years. We are the leading online resource for all styles of indoor and outdoor water features. And we help you choose the perfect stainless steel fountain for your space. Our prices could not be beat, and our stainless steel fountain is durability and craftsmanship. We have proven to be a top fountain supplier in the world.  We have deeply researched the production of stainless steel fountains for many years, and insist on the production of fountains with the highest quality materials. None of the fountains we have sold are rusted. So you could rest assured knowing your fountain would last for years.



In order to create a perfect high-quality stainless steel sculpture, YouFine would use high-grade stainless steel such as 304 and 316, quality pumps, and quality lights, hoses, and fittings to ensure your fountain is of the highest standard. Our fountain production team has many years of experience in stainless steel fountain production, which would perfectly show all the details you want and ensure the high quality of the fountain. When making the skeleton of the sculpture, our metal skeleton would be rust-proofed to ensure the quality of the fountain. During the cut and forged, we would cut the stainless steel sheet according to the design of the fountain, and perform multiple forgings to make the curvature of the stainless steel sheet fit the model and skeleton. Our artisans would hand forge every detail. When welding, we would first weld the fountain sculpture prototype with spot welding. After that, all welds of the entire sculpture would be fully welded again. All of our fountains are very solidly constructed and are guaranteed to serve you for many years. After the welding is completed, our craftsmen would forge the sculpture again to ensure that the shape of the sculpture is the way you want.


Where is the pump for the water fountain installed? 

Generally, the pumps of our metal water feature fountains are installed in the base of our water fountains. This is both aesthetically pleasing and guaranteed to run successfully. If your site has special requirements, our designers would design a suitable place for you to install the pump according to your different needs. 


How to maintain a water fountain? 

All water features require regular maintenance if they are to be used for many years. Typically, water features need to be completely drained every two months. Like swimming pools, garden water features require regular cleaning to prevent algae buildup. Be sure to turn off the power to the fountain before servicing the pump. Never allow the pump to run idly as it will cause damage and void the warranty.




Will the fountain rust?

We can safely say that our fountain will not rust. This is not only because we use stainless steel as raw material, but we also clean the surface of the material during welding and fabrication. So we will eliminate all the factors that may cause the fountain to rust. So we can guarantee that our water fountain will not rust.


How much is a metal water fountain? 

At the YouFine factory, we offer a range of metal water fountains in different sizes and styles. You could customize the metal fountain in standard size – 1.3-1.5m, also can customize larger size like 2m, 3m, 5m and even more than 10m high. The price of our standard size – 1.5m stainless steel water feature fountain sculpture is $900-3000, the material we use is 304 stainless steel sculpture. If you want a taller stainless steel fountain, you can contact us for the most accurate quote. In order to provide the best service to our customers, we will give 20% discount and benefits to our new customers.