Modern Marble Fireplace Surround for Sale

Modern Marble Fireplace Surround for Sale

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.

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 About YouFine Factory:

YouFine factory has been engaged in marble fireplaces for 40 years, our artists are very good at carving natural high-quality marble fireplace mantels. Therefore, our marble fireplace surround is very refined and high quality. YouFine artists sculpt fireplaces using pure hand-crafted techniques. Not only could we guarantee our marble fireplace mantel is beautiful, but our quality is guaranteed. Also, our artists use natural marble. Therefore, YouFine’s marble fireplaces have high collection value and practical value.


You Fine Sculpture is proud to offer hand carved marble fireplace mantel, which could be customized to your specific size requirements. Our team of experts are available to provide you with the highest level of customer service, ensuring that your custom mantel is perfect for your home. if you want a beautiful modern marble fireplace, please feel free to contact YouFine. We would bring you the latest marble fireplace ideas and design catalogs.




YouFine Offers a Variety of Marble Carving Fireplaces

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marble around fireplaces-YouFine Sculpture

Raw Material:


YouFine factory has professional marble fireplace artists. They are very good at carving. Especially our artists have very high demands on the quality of marble fireplace mantel. Therefore, we use high-quality natural marble carvings. Therefore, we guarantee a long lifespan for the marble around the fireplace. So our marble fireplace decor is sure to stand up to the wind and rain. Of course, by choosing the YouFine factory, you would have marble fireplace ornaments of great collectible and ornamental value.

around fireplaces-YouFine Sculpture

Marble Color Options:


We have natural marble in different colors. Also, our marbles come in a wide variety of colors. The most characteristic of these is that these natural marbles are both pure white and have natural lines. Of course, our natural marble varieties are different, so the surface effects are also different. If you want any style of the marble fireplace, we have you covered.

marble fireplaces modern-YouFine Sculpture

Professional Design Team:


YouFine factory has professional and excellent designers. And, our designers could design the style of the marble fireplace according to the house decoration style. Also, we have French fireplaces, Georgian fireplaces, Regency fireplaces, and Victorian fireplaces. Also, our marble fireplaces have figure sculpture fireplaces and animal sculpture fireplaces. There is no doubt that you could find your favorite fireplace style at YouFine.

Carving Details:


YouFine factory has professional sculptors who sculpt the best marble for fireplace surround every day. After the general fireplace style comes out, our artist would polish the fireplace. You could clearly see that by polishing and sanding our fireplaces are very smooth overall. This is because our artists use different grinding wheels to sand the surface of the fireplace. A flawless marble fireplace surround could only be obtained when it is sanded smooth.

white marble fireplace repairs-YouFine Sculpture

Installation Instructions:


The installation of the fireplace is very simple and convenient. First of all, after our fireplace carving is completed, we would install it in the factory. In addition, this installation video would also be recorded and sent to customers throughout the process. Secondly, the installation serial number would be marked on the back of each fireplace panel. Then the customer could easily install the fireplace according to the installation video and serial number. Secondly, our sales consultants would also serve you throughout the process. As long as you have any questions, we would solve them as soon as possible. Installing a fireplace is a piece of cake for you.

Secure Packaging:


YouFine factory has been exporting marble fireplaces on sale for nearly 40 years. We have rich export experience. Also, our packaging is very safe. First, we wrapped the entire body of the marble fireplaces in soft foam. Second, on the outside of the fireplace surround, we fixed the indoor fireplace with a 3cm back wooden box. Finally, between the marble fireplaces and the wood box contact, we also thickened the soft foam. Without a doubt, you’ll get a perfect life-size marble fireplace.

marble on fireplace-YouFine Sculpture




Modern marble on fireplace wall-YouFine Sculpture
Modern marble fireplace and surround-YouFine Sculpture
Modern marble fireplace price-YouFine Sculpture
White marble for fireplace wall-YouFine Sculpture
Modern marble fireplace repairs-YouFine Sculpture
Modern marble fireplace antique-YouFine Sculpture
White marble fireplace ornaments-YouFine Sculpture





YouFine factory is capable to supply double fireplaces and construction materials for large projects. In fact, the factory has many existing cases of that and we gained much persuasive feedback from our customers. If you want to cooperate with us, pls contact us to know more details.

Large marble fireplace ideas-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble around fireplace-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble for fireplace surround-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble on fireplace-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble fireplace modern-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble fireplaces surround-YouFine Sculpture
Large marble fireplace mantel-YouFine Sculpture

YouFine Offers a Variety of Marble Carving Fireplaces

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YouFine is a professional sculpture factory, in the past 39 years, marble fireplaces of YouFine have been sold to many countries like the United Statue, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, Cyprus, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, etc. Due to our high-quality marble fireplaces and thoughtful services, our indoor colorful marble fireplaces are increasingly popular and the factory has received much praise and feedback from our customer

marble fireplace repairs-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplaces decor-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplaces mantel-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplace antique-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplace modern-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplace decor-YouFine Sculpture
marble fireplaces feedback-YouFine Sculpture


The video below shows you the details of our marble fireplace in detail. Click the bottom to watch the video directly or contact us for more support. We are happy to provide you with more marble fireplace Buying Guides.




YouFine Marble factory team photos




Our Professional Team:


YouFine Factory is a professional direct producer of the marble fireplace surround, we have a professional working team. First of all, we have professional designers, our designers could design the marble around fireplace appearance you want for you. And, we could also provide you with clear design drawings. Second, we have experienced craving artists who have been craving marble fireplaces for decades. There is no doubt that your marble fireplace ornaments would be the most perfect. Of course, we also have extremely responsible quality inspection departments. They strictly control the aesthetic appearance and high quality of the marble fireplace ornaments. As could be seen from the above, choosing YouFine factory is your wisest choice.




Is marble a good choice for a fireplace?

Yes, marble is the best choice raw material for fireplaces. First, marble has excellent heat resistance, so it could be used in wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplaces. Of course, as long as it is properly maintained, the marble would rarely show stains. Natural marble would not appear with cracks and chips. Among them, the public usually chooses white and light-colored marble to choose from. And natural marble is very suitable for different styles of house decoration than dark marbles such as granite.

Could you make a fireplace out of marble?

Of course, YouFine is a professional factory for carving marble fireplaces. We have been working on marble fireplaces for almost 40 years. We are very good at carving marble fireplaces. Among them, one of the advantages of marble is the heat resistance of the stone. Because of these properties, marble is the perfect choice for fireplaces. Whether it’s a marble mantel or an entire marble fireplace surround, natural marble looks incredible and could withstand the heat. Therefore, marble is the best choice for carving fireplaces.

What is a marble fireplace for?

A must in our home renovation is the fireplace. Sitting by the fireplace as a family chatting is one of the fondest times we could remember. And, by choosing a light-colored marble fireplace and pairing it with white furniture, you could play with the natural light that infuses your space. Also, natural marble has different color options. Bold art, colorful marble lines, and matching plants would brighten up your space, even more, creating a new feel just as lovely as traditional comfort.

Does marble burn in a fire?

No, marble certainly doesn’t burn in a fire. And, we’re using a mantel, your fireplace burns in the wall. Our carved marbles are of great decorative value. Especially the beautiful decoration on top of our marble fireplace. We all know that Greek ruins made of limestone or marble couldnot catch fire. And, after thousands of years, these ancient buildings still maintain their beautiful appearance.

What stone is best for a fireplace?

For aesthetics, most people choose natural marble as the raw material choice for fireplaces. These marbles are of great variety and have very high artistic value. Second, granite is the most popular choice for stone fireplaces. It is one of the most durable and long-lasting stones you could buy. Granite has a scratch-resistant surface and is very durable. Granite is also less likely to crack or chip and has good heat resistance. At YouFine we have carved different styles of yellow granite fireplaces for many clients. You could clearly see our wide range of colors.

How to clean a marble fireplace?

Cleaning a marble fireplace is very simple. Wipe down your marble fireplace 3 or 4 times a year with hot water and mild dish soap. And, you could apply sealant at least once a year. Because this would help keep your marble fireplace clean and stain-resistant. Please do not use any kind of acid to try to clean your marble fireplace, including any vinegar or any citric acid cleaner. Therefore, the easiest way is to gently wipe with water.

How much does it cost to carve a fireplace out of stone?

YouFine is a direct factory for fireplace carving. We could offer you the best prices and the highest quality marble fireplaces. Of course, you also know that buying in China is the best deal. The average cost of our marble fireplaces is between $800 and $5,000. However, every fireplace is unique and there are many factors to consider when evaluating cost. For example, if you choose different materials and different carving styles, the final price would also be different. You could always contact us for the latest quotation.