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Angel Statue for Sale

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.

angel sculpture for sale

Angels represent the connection between heaven and earth, as well as strength, peace, faith, protection, and beauty. Angels are beautiful creatures, symbols of beauty, and pure existences in people’s minds. Angel statues entrust people with all the beautiful imaginations of angels. Therefore, the beautiful angel sculpture will become a popular choice for people’s garden decoration. As a long-established sculpture production factory, YouFine has provided countless customers with first-class quality angel statues. We have marble angel statues, bronze angel statues and other materials for our customers to choose from. And our statues are rich in design, which can meet the various needs of customers.

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Recent Angel Statue Artwork

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There are millions of people who love angel statues, but not everyone can afford them. In order to let the beauty of sculptures be appreciated by more people and let sculptures enter every home, YouFine's price has always been the most direct factory wholesale price. We optimize our production process to provide our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Custom-Made Designs

Make Your Dream Come True


If the above designs do not meet your needs, then you can try our customized service, just ask for a brief communication, our professional designers will send professional plans and quotations to your email. Our custom service will provide you with 100% satisfied angel statues.

custom your angel statue from YouFine
custom your angel statue from YouFine
custom your angel statue from YouFine
custom your angel statue from YouFine

What Size Could YouFine Make??


YouFine is a factory specializing in the production of life-size, large-size, and giant-size statues.


Size of our angel statue: 150cm-250cm high, L size: 250cm-10m Large size: 10m and above

Production Advantage

Marble Angel Sculpture

1. Choose natural marble as raw material. Therefore, the material is pure and almost free of impurities, which makes it easier to show the purity and beauty of angels. And high-quality natural marble is easy to carve. So the details are also very vivid, and many fine details could be presented.

2. The artist sculpts well and the details are vivid. Our artists have learned the marble carving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation since childhood, and there are professional people who are only responsible for carving angel statues, and have a very comprehensive grasp of the characteristics and details of angels. Therefore, our angel statues are not only vivid, but also very close to people’s imagination of angels.



Bronze Angel Statue

1. Our clay model masters are at the top level in the industry, and there are many people who learn clay model making who want to be their students. And they have an in-depth study of angels. So our clay models are realistic and detailed, and we also have ready-made models for our free use. Our customers could save at least a thousand dollars by choosing a sculpture design with models.

2. We use high quality bronze as raw material. Our angel statues are used for a long time. We improve the craftsmanship during production, all our bronze statues have no white spots. could serve our customers for more than a hundred years.

Client Feedback

Because our angels are of top quality and beautifully detailed. So our customers are very satisfied after receiving the sculpture. Our service would not stop after the customer receives the sculpture, and we would return to the customer many times. So our customers would also give us a lot of beautiful feedback after the sculpture is installed successfully. We and many clients would become friends.