Water Fountain Wholesale

Bronze Water Fountain Wholesale

You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.


YouFine Popular Bronze Fountain Design


YouFine has been cast bronze fountains for 39 years history and we have all kinds of water fountains.

And these are the most popular fountains style in YouFine.

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Discount 20% off

There are millions of people who love bronze water fountain, but not everyone could afford them. In order to let the beauty of water fountain sculptures be appreciated by more people and let bronze fountains enter every home, YouFine's price has always been the most direct factory wholesale price. We optimize our production process to provide our customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

 YouFine Cast Bronze Fountain Advantages

Professional Chemical Patina Technology

YouFine Bronze Sculpture Factory is a very professional sculpture supplier, we have a lot of experience in making bronze sculptures. As we all know, the YouFine factory has very professional patina artists, they have the first rank in the industry in chemical patina. The main reason is that the chemical patina used by YouFine’s patina artists is carefully prepared according to their exclusive formula. As a result, no factory other than YouFine could create sculptures with the same beautiful colors. It is worth mentioning that the color of the bronze sculptures made by the YouFine factory is very stunning and could keep color for hundreds of years without fading. What’s more, the color of the sculpture could become more and more natural with time.


Different Kinds of Fountain Choices


YouFine offers you large quantities of bronze fountains for you to choose from. For example, simple bronze garden fountains include bronze dancing lady fountain, bronze dolphin fountain, bronze horse fountain, bronze mermaid fountain, etc. The production of the small fountain is relatively simple and the price is more favorable. For large estates or square decorations, we recommend large outdoor bronze fountains. They also have different designs, such as with Greek characters, and various animals such as horses, big geese, etc. Contact us for more designs!



YouFine 2022 Fountain New Designs


These are YouFine latest bronze fountains style in 2022.

YouFine has these fountain statues clay models already, you could use our models for free.

Choose YouFine, choose the best bronze fountain artwork!




Custom-Made Service


Factory Direct | Free Drawings


If you want other fountains, then you could try our custom-made service.

You could send us an email or only have a brief communication. 

YouFine professional designers would design 3D drawings, CAD drawings, and some other drawings for free for you.  



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We pride ourselves on the highest quality custom bronze fountains products.

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