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How to Find Reliable Chinese Sculpture Suppliers on Google ?

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Recently updated on April 19th, 2023 at 05:46 pm

China is known as the world’s manufacturing factory. With the development of the economy and the improvement of various industrial systems, China has the best environment to produce high-quality products and provide various customized services. Most importantly, production costs are low. If you are interested in sculpture art, or are engaged in the sculpture industry, and want to find reliable Chinese sculpture suppliers on Google. Then please read this blog carefully, we believe that you will definitely benefit a lot.

Find Reliable Chinese Sculpture Suppliers on Google1

How to Search on the Google?

You can enter the main keywords of the sculpture category you want on Google, and add words such as China, Manufacturer, Wholesale, Customize, etc. after the keywords. For example, if you want to buy marble religious statues, you can search for “marble religious statue China” on Google. Then check the search results and filter out some websites that look like Chinese manufacturers or trading companies.

How to identify the authenticity of the supplier?

When we look for a supplier, the first thing we make sure of is that the supplier is real and can do business with you, not a fraudulent company.

First of all, you can click on the homepage of a website, and browse its home page, About us page, etc., to see if you can get some factory pictures, exhibition pictures, office pictures, team staff pictures, etc. from the website. If these pictures are more complete and the pictures are more authentic, the less likely the supplier is a liar.

Secondly, you can check the time of the domain name registration of the website. If the domain name registration time of the website is longer, then they are less likely to be scammers. Check the domain name to see its registered address, country, etc. This information is true and reliable.

Third, you can check its social media status to see if it has its own YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other accounts, and then check its update frequency. If the supplier has multiple social media accounts and is constantly updating them, they are even less likely to be scammers.

How to identify the reliability of suppliers?

Nothing is more reliable than firsthand experience. Therefore, you can leave a message on its website or send an email to initiate an inquiry, and judge its professionalism and reliability through a series of exchanges with its staff. For example, when the salesperson responds to your inquiry, you can continue to ask questions about the price, size, and shipping of the product. If you can feel that the salesperson is very knowledgeable about the product and can patiently answer all your little questions, then the supplier’s trustworthiness will be greatly enhanced.

On the other hand, if you strongly disagree with the offer, and the salesperson lowers the price too much to keep you, for example, you need to stay awake when they drop the price to 15% less than the lowest price in the industry. Such drastic price cuts are not the practice of a reliable supplier. Moreover, the quality of the sculpture cannot be guaranteed under a substantial price reduction.

Alternatively, you can ask the salesperson if they have a client they’ve worked with in your area. If so, is it convenient to provide contact information, communicate with the customer, and conduct on-site inspections on the premise of the customer’s consent. Good suppliers make sculptures of high enough quality that customers they’ve worked with are more than happy to promote them.

If you use the above to check the Chinese sculpture suppliers found on Google, we believe that you will find one that will most satisfy you.


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