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You Fine Art Co., Ltd. is located in Quyang County, Hebei Province, which is known as The Sculpture Hometown of China. Our factory was founded in 1983, which is specialized in marble carving sculptures,bronze sculptures,stainless steel sculptures,iron products.



YouFine Popular Deer Statue Design


YouFine has been cast bronze deer and elk statues for 39 years history and we have all kinds of deer sculptures.

And these are the most popular deer statue style in YouFine.

If you are interested in our deer statue please feel free to contact us.


 YouFine Cast Bronze Elk Sculpture Advantages


Own Excellent Deer Statue Model Artists


You Fine would make one 1:1 clay model for every bronze deer sculpture after getting the orders from our clients. YouFine clay model artists are the best and most excellent in the art area. And, YouFine clay model artists never stop the study to improve their technique of making vivid artwork. More, Our artists are very good at making deer sculptures.


Furthermore, YouFine artists are not only the superior clay model art specialist but also wildlife observers. They have spent many years in research on the different body structures of many deers. Of course, they have captured what they have witnessed. Then, they could make the most realistic stag and elk statue. It is no doubt that our bronze elk statues are more attractive and their appearance is the same as the real elk totally.


Different Kinds of Deer Statue Choices


Our deer sculpture collection includes outdoor deer garden statues, fighting elk sculptures, unique one-of-a-kind moose sculptures, more stunning gentle doe sculptures, and baby fawn sculptures. of course, YouFine deer sculpture collection has something for everyone. YouFine could provide a remarkable collection of deer sculptures for your home, office, patio, yard, or den.


Whether you’re a hunter looking to decorate your cabin in the woods or a nature lover who appreciates the delicate lines and gentle disposition of deer, YouFine deer sculpture collection is sure to please you.





YouFine 2023 Deer And Elk Sculpture New Design


These are YouFine latest bronze deer and elk sculptures style in 2023.

YouFine has these deer clay models already, you could use our models for free.

Choose YouFine, choose the best bronze deer artwork!






Deer Statue Custom-Made Service


Factory Direct | Free Drawings



If you want other deer, elk moose and stag statues, then you could try our custom-made service.

You could send us an email or only have a brief communication. 

YouFine professional designers would design 3D drawings, CAD drawings, and some other drawings for free for you.  






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We pride ourselves on the highest quality custom bronze deer products.

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